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  1. Played today

    General Golf Discussion
    Guys it was a great way to end the work week and the first time this year I played golf. the weather was a balmy 45f/7c and a wind chill of 41f/5c. blasted the ball driving, hit long and short irons very well accuracy needs improvement, but the putting was fair and on the last hole, a par five...
  2. Classic count to a million

    Off topic lounge
  3. Rule of the week

    General Golf Discussion
    Hi all I just thought I'd start a new topic of rule of the week I will try to make sure I put a new one up every week. Enjoy Question: "Do I need to mark the original position of my ball before taking relief from a situation under the Rules?" Answer: "No. It is always advisable to mark the...
  4. Best Ball?

    Golf Ball Reviews
    In your opinion what ball do you think is the best? I personally like the Titelist Pro-V1x balls the best. Just want to know what you guys think is the best or is favorite.
  5. Photos of your clubs

    General Golf Discussion
    Anybody interested in posting pictures of their favorite Golf Gear and Equipment???? (Clubs, Bags, Shoes, Gloves, favorite grips, clothing, etc, etc, whatever)Don't be shy or lazy! Don't hate - Participate! :D :thumbsup: ...I'll post some pix tonight after I get outta my office. . . .