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Always Use A Case
When not in use, the case keeps it safe from the elements and surroundings, so it’s pretty obvious why you need it. If you like carrying around your sport sunglasses in a purse, bag or something similar, it’s prone to scratches and smudges from keys, books, cosmetics and pretty much everything you keep in the bag. The case keeps it safe from all these hazards.
Proper Handling
Always taking off or handling sport sunglasses with one hand will cause the joints on the frames to loosen. If you’re in the habit of twirling sunglasses or holding them by one arm, you’d be wise to avoid it. The best practice is to use both hands to put on and take off sunglasses, this way there’s no extra stress on one particular joint and you won’t have to deal with broken sunglasses.
Avoid Dry Wiping
Another common mistake is to wipe the sport sunglasses while completely dry. The lack of moisture and friction can cause the lens coating to degrade, or simply get scratched. Of course this is probably where the whole breathing out and cleaning lenses came from, but no matter how many people you see do it and how convenient it seems, just don’t do it !
Proper Storage
We recommend always using a case, but if that’s not possible, be very careful about how and where you place down your sport sunglasses. Never place them with the lenses facing down, it will cause scratches, if that wasn’t already obvious. Another more important thing is, never keep it exposed to the sun in a closed car. The intense heat that can build up in a closed car during the day can seriously damage the lens coating or in some cases, even melt the frame !
No Chemicals!
Sport Sunglasses lenses are very sensitive to chemicals, and incorrect usage can result in complete lens damage. Since they’re often coated with UV protection material, damaging the coating would defeat the entire purpose of having sunglasses. So make sure you don’t use household chemicals or even harsh soaps. If you must clean, there are plenty of made for sunglasses cleaning solutions available out there.
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