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What age (roughly) do you think is right to introduce your son, grandson, nephew, friend's son (or of course daughters, nieces, granddaughters too), etc. to a real golf course?

I've gone mini putting with my nephews but haven't yet taken them along on a game. Don't want to scare them off the game. When I was little, we had this terrible course only 2 blocks from our cabin at the lake, so I started playing on it when I was less than 10, but it was such a crappy course that it really didn't matter.

Where I live now, all the courses in the vicinity are good courses and a couple of them are really good. I don't want to intimidate the kids but they've been bugging me to take them for a "real" game of golf. They're 8 and 6 right now.

Has anyone taken kids on the course? How did it turn out? Did you have to stop them from playing after a few holes because they were holding everyone up too much and you got tired of letting people play ahead of you? Any feedback would be welcome, so I can keep the rugrats happy.
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