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Ames is going to the Masters

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Just after his win on Sunday Stephen Ames didn't have to think long about a green jacket. He had to talk with his family about going since they were suppose to be on vacation April 6-9 and they approved of him going. I am sure the vacation will always be there and the Masters will be here for the moment. I thought he made the right choice.
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He clearly made the right choice. The masters is a chance of a lifetime and a jacket is in reach if he played like he did in the players championship. Unfortunately i dont think he can duplicate his performance.
Ames has a really tough issue to deal with at home, with his wife having cancer and all. I was happy to see him get a win and lots of cash to go with it, he deserved it.

I am glad to see he is accepting this bid to the Masters, though it seems like his heart isn't in it. It sounds like his family basically forced him to accept.
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