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Annika Sorenstam

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So do you think that Annika Sorenstam will go on to win her fourth title at the Kraft Nabisco tournament? I am sure she is a shoe in. I thinks she has a strong swing.
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I think your right. She's great. She has a great swing and she looks good lately. Four in a row though...that's difficult to accomplish. I think she will, but I dont want to jinx her.
Shes one of the best females in the game. There arent many who will be able to beat her so my moneys on her.
Truth be told I only really know two female golfers, three if someone else mentions her name because I know her by face. Sorenstam is very dominant in the LPGA so I would never bet against her.

I am sure she has the best chance to win this.
Anytime any player who plays on the LPGA is considered good enough to compete with the men, she is really good. Annika is an ambassador and a symbol of her sport, and I hope she eventually is successful into her ventures into the big PGA tour.
I think shes good but a bit overrated. When the big game is on the line she chokes and i dont think she could be compared to the men.
Phil you dont know what you are talking about. Sorenstam is the greatest thing that has happened to womens golf. She is one of the biggest names and she performs as good as her reputation is.
Annika is one of the best female golfers in the world, the way her dominance goes unnoticed is unbelievable, and she deserves more attention. It is a sad story that she has had not enough oppurtunities to play with the men or in big events, cause I think she will do well.

Remember in the Skins tournament when she outdrove a male competitor? She can hit the ball, don't believe the hype saying all women can't compete with men.

Anyone else agree? Annika deserves a PGA bid.
she defiently is one of the class acts, so she has a chance
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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