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Just want to give a quick testimonial to the Cleveland HiBore XLS Driver!!

I went to upgrade my driver the other day, I hit 5 different drivers with over 20 swings on each and man I have never hit anything like this Cleveland. The Blance of the club is Phenominal, its super light, huge sweet spot and the ball just launches off the face,

I went with a 9.5 loft S Flex model, I used to hit my TM R7 Superquad 260-275, the other 4 clubs I tried I was getting 270-285 distance, With the Cleveland Hibore XLS I was getting 285-290 Carry consistently with every swing.
It was the fourth club I tried so I was already 60-80 swings in the simulator, My AVG Driver swing speed is about 88-90 mph, I was swinging this club at 91MPH consistently with little efort due to the weighting,
Ball velocity was a consistent 155 with a slight fluctuation +/- 2 mph

This is without a doubt the best club I have ever hit and the bonus is that its on sale at Dicks Sporting goods for $99!

One last note, it didnt dissapoint on the course either, I averaged 280-290 all day on my drives my first round with one bomb well over 300, My favorite part is the sound to, its so crisp and LOUD when you hit it good
5 out of 5 stars in my book!!!:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
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