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I came across this from an article in a mag and thought it might help:

Butch Harmon's list of golf "don'ts" that can undermine even the best players:

1 - Starting your downswing with your upper body.

2 - Picking up the club, or pulling the club inside on your takeaway.

3 - Laying up too close.

4 - Having your ball too far forward or back instead of even with your heart.

5 - Hitting the "ego" shot. ie., going for the sucker pin, or taking too little club.

6 - Keeping your knee straight or locked at the start of your backswing.

7 - Taking the putter blade too far back and then decelerating coming into the ball.
8 - Keeping all your weight on your back foot while chipping.

Sometimes I am guilty of no. 6. Which are your common mistakes?

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Hi folks,

number 1 is definitely my mistake. Especially in my driving. I have to use a lot of wrist action, to correct that mistake.
I have been working on it for a couple of months now, it gets better, but still is hard to get rid of it totally.

Most of the time this mistake comes along with a sliding of the hip....
bad swing.

have a good one
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