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First off.. I'm no pro. I'm 21. I've been playing since I was a small child, but not very much in the last 5 years. I'm a big power hitter. Very little control.

This past month I joind me local club in hopes of getting back in the "swing" of things.

I played a few rounds with my old Big Bertha Warbird. I was still usually the longest driver, but I noticed some of the older guys were hitting shots close to me. So I went to the nearest shop to see what 7 years will do in golf technology. I hate all Taylor Made stuff. Something in my swing doesn't get along with them. (it could be mental.. but I don't think so) Hit a few others (fusion,SasQ, some cobra..) Finally settled on the X460.

I've played about 45 holes since. I'm hitting the ball straiter and much farther (20-30 yards avg).

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