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Champions dinner

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I love the tradition of the champ choosing the dinner after he wins the big one. What would you pick if you won? I think i would have to say filet mignonne with a huge baked potato and choclate milshakes of course.
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A championship dinner eh? I'd have to start the meal off with some fresh garlic bread and a light cesear salad. Then for the main meal we would have 4-5 chicken stripps sauted in a zesty mexican chilli pepper sauce. With the spicy chicken we would have a small side of baked potatoes covered with that small green stuff that looks like a bunch of mini four-leaf clovers. Along with the chicken and potatoes we would have a mixture of vegetables sauted in olive oil. For a beverage we'd have a tall glass of chocolate milk and for desert a bizzard from DQ.
I like the simpleness me and you had in mind. I was thinking other people would want creme broulee or some fancy cheescake but they clearly dont know how good dq is.
Haha a blizzard to top it off would be nice. How about a nice wine to go with it? Or perhaps some champagne?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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