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Cleveland Launcher ti460

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Just bought one of these. I've heard some high praise for this, so I decided to spend the money and try it out. I haven't been able to have any free time to take it out for some swings yet, but I'm excited. It's sitting near my desk as we speak.

Anyone else have one of these? Any thoughts or opinions on it?
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Cleveland Launcher

I recently played a few holes with my business partners CL-ti460. I cant beleive how much it increased my drive. I shot at least 20-30 yards more each time on average. It has a nice sweet spot and feels airy as you swing it around. The weight on the bottom wasnt awkward for my swing either. It fell right into place and I thought it would take a few strokes to get used to the different feel of the club. Your damn lucky if you have the dollars to afford a club like that. I am not so lucky, but maybe in the future...
I'd strongly urge you to save up for the ti460. It's an amazing driver and it's given me an extra 40 yards on each swing consistently. It's a great club and is worth EVERY penny. Trust me, I got some really jealous friends. I only shoot for fun, but hey, if ya got the money, why not...
I saw the ti460 at a shop in town the other day. Its a beautiful club, but very expensive. I am keeping an eye out on ebay for a used one that will hopefully fit my budget. From what I've heard it sounds like a must-have club if you want to improve your game or show up some friends.
Well, I would love to make a purchase of that calibur to help my golf game but does anyone have any other suggestions for a less expensive club that might be close to that good for about a hundred and fifity dollars less?

I cant see spending that kind of dollars on a club even if it is the best dirver in the world. Maybe when I get better.
I don't have one although I am saving up for one. I have heard great things about this club.
It'd be great to turn up to a golfing competition showing it off, which I do intend to do!
My dad just bought one of these not to long ago, and he really seems to be liking it.
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