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John Daly has given up beer and his beloved Diet Cokes, except for small sips. He's sipping whisky, sure, but he's subdued his inclinations to drink copious amounts. And what do you know, he's back on the course in tournaments.

Daly, 43, played the Open de Espana in Girona that ended today, and he tied for 31st. Okay, that's not great stuff from a guy who has won a couple of majors. But it's a start as he tries to rehabilitate himself on and off the course.

Daly, after all, is serving a six-month suspension that the PGA Tour handed him after he landed in jail last October. He appeared drunk outside a Hooter's restaurant in Winston-Salem, NC late that month and was taken to jail to sleep it off. A photo of Daly in an orange jumpsuit isn't exactly what the PGA Tour has in mind for its players.

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