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David Toms, a former winner of the professional golf tournament in New Orleans and a Louisiana native, talked about Wednesday how special it was to win here in 2001.

Toms said, "You know, I think for me personally, winning here was probably the one that sticks out the most, just because of the way everything went down, and the support that I had that year on the weekend and all the people pulling for me. Obviously it meant a lot for my career, but to have a tournament like this where people were behind me, and really, I attribute that win that year to the support that I had.

Toms, ranked in the top 30 in FedEx Cup points this year after battling back problems last year, said this year has been a good one thus far.

"It's been somewhat successful. I've had the opportunity a couple of times to have a chance to win and wasn't able to do it. But I can't think of a better week than for it to happen here. It's always a busy week with a lot oging on, but once Thursday rolls around, you get down to just playing golf."

Toms missed last year's tournament for the first time in years, and he said he was happy to return. "It's a place that I would love to play well at again, and have that opportunity to win again in front of the people that I know would be rooting for me."
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