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You can drive the ball 400 yards, but if you can’t sink a 4 foot putt it doesn’t matter. Here I have compiled a list of helpful golf putting tips that are sure to improve your putting game.

- Take a deep breathe before you make contact. This is a great way to relax before a shot and ultimately improve your consistency
Relax your grip.

- Right handed golfers should keep their right wrist locked.

- The ball should be placed towards the front of your stance.

- Visualize a line that leads to the hole. Study every break.

- Position your shoulders square to the target line.

- Your eyes should be directly over the target line.

- Aim for a spot 6-8 inches in front of the ball.

- Find the right putter. Get a putter that has the right feel to it; the only way to find this is to test every putter in sight.

- Don’t choke down on the grip. You should always hold at the top of the putter, assuming it is the right size.

Well that’s it. I hope these putting tips helped you like they have myself. Remember that practice is where you become better. Spend some time on the putting green and master these concepts. Good luck!

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