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Favorite Golf Movie?

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What is your favorite gold movie. I haven't seen that many, so I'll say Happy Gilmore. It's insanely funny and you can watch it over and over again. What are your guys' favorite movies?
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Happy Gilmore is a pretty good movie. I have seen it many times as well and I always get a kick out of Sandler's antics. But truth be told I classify that as one of many similiar Adam Sandler comedies from his early career.

I always have enjoyed Caddyshack, it is one of the most well known golf movies out there.
Yeah you don't see that many golf movies out there probably because it isn't a popular sport among basketball, football and baseball. Sadly it gets overlooked at the "boring" sport.

It's really exhilerating once you get thar long drive onto the green. Doesn't happen much but still.:cool:
I think most golf movies are made as comedies. I really don't know of one that isn't.

That is, like you said, a shame. There is no reason why there shouldn't be a good, serious golf movie out on the market. I know I would be interested to see something on the Golden Bear's career or a similar movie piece done.

Anyone else agree? We need more golf movies that give the game credit for being a solid sport, rather then just exhibiting it as a place where all havoc wrecks loose and Adam Sandler wins a green jacket.
Actually, a documentary could be a good idea. Or just a story on golf that is intense.

In 2005 Walt Disney Pictures released The greatest Game Ever Played which wasn't a comedy. I don't know the reviews on it though. It starred Shia Lebouf and some other famous characters.
Oh yeah I have heard of that, forgot all about it. Yes that is a fairly serious golf movie, but I believe it about a game that happened a really long time ago. And it is a Disney movie as well...

I would still like to see some more good golf movies, but this is good. Anyone who wants to watch golf movies should find this thread useful if more people are as helpful as you Slash!
Haha thanks.

Yeah the movie was about a player a long time ago. His parents didn't let him, yet alone WANT him to play Golf because he had to work for a living to survive. Eventually he made the team, his dad got pissed and then I don't want to give away the rest!
You really don't have to give away the rest, sounds like a typical Disney plot and movie. LOL.

I'll check it out that. LeBouf is usually a good actor for his age and as much as I hate to admit it, I enjoy Disney sports movies.

They sure are making a lot of them lately...
Really? Like what?

Most of us know him as the comedian featured on Even Stevens which pulled in a lot of good ratings.

I've seen him feat. in the horror movie Constantine in which he is a taxi driver and curses a lot. He's not good at being that kind of actor at all.
Yeah Even Stevens was one of the roles I was referring to for him. But he is also good in other Disney movies like the digging one whose name escapes me and one where he plays a mentally-retarded child.

I haven't seen much of his work since he left Disney though.

Anyways lets try and stay on topic here. Any other golf movie thoughts? :D
Mine is the infamous Happy Gilmore. Everyone knows that movie, even if you don't like golf or not. That's what I love about it. Not only that but the large checks made me happy. :p
Gotta go with Caddyshack of course. Not only one of the best golf movies but one of the best movies in general...Hilarious.
I still think Happy Gilmore is funnier. This guy who doesn't even know golf becomes one of the best. :p

Plus the money he gets is amazing.
golf movies

I havent seen the movie with Shia Lebouf yet, but I really want looks good. Happy Gilmore...hilarious golf movie, funny...and who doesnt like to see someone get knocked out by Bob Barker.

I kinda like Tin Cup myself with Kevin Costner. Seeing him with all those golf gadgets trying to get rid of the shenks. Now thats funny. Screwing up the final hole just to try to make the shot across the water.
Out of the few golf movies out there, I'd have to go with everyone else and say Happy Gilmore. Not only is it hilarious, but it actually relates to golf in many ways. I have watched Happy Gilmore probably a hundred times, and I'd watch it another hundred times regardless. I would have to say Happy Gilmore is one of Adam Sandlers best movies.
How can so many of you think happy gilmore is a better movie than caddyshack. Clearly you dont know what makes a movie good.
I agree with BigL, Caddyshack in my mind is a lot better. Happy Gilmore is funny but on a different and more simple level.
No arguing with the consensus here, Happy Gilmore was a really funny movie. There was a period in the 90s when Adam Sandler just had it. Don't know what it is, but he had it.
Happy gilmore is great. All my friends love it too, Adam sandler is the one and only. Not too sure about his swing though.. hmm :)
I wish I knew of more, but happy gilmore and caddyshack are equally great golf movies that I've seen. They make me nostalgic for standing on a course and taking in the view.
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