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Furthest You can Drive?

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What is the furthest you guys can blast a golf ball with your one driver? I can't hit that hard but at best I can get it around 230 yards. Pretty pathetic, I know.

So what about you guys?
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Never actually recorded my drive distance. I'd say I hit at least 270 yards each time. I know i've hit more before but I don't know the exact amount, sorry.

Stratocastor, more practice - better you get, good luck!
270 is not bad, that is about why my uncle and other family members can hit. Wish I could hit that far...

Thanks for the advice, I'll keep trying!
I usually hit around 300 on a good day but it ranges from 260-310. It depends on the day because im so inconsistent.
250 is a great drive for me
My drive is all over the charts. Usually i hit around 240 but sometimes get lucky and hit 270. Sometimes im horrible and only hit 200.
I usually get fairly consistant drives of about 280-290 yards when I hit the ball right. It feels good to just pound a ball and send it into the next hole if I want to.

But don't feel bad if you can't hit it hard, hitting it straight is the most important thing to do anyways.
At the driving range I hit further then the distance of it, which was 300 yards which is good for me, if it was longer I would of been able to see how far I could of hit it, although due to high fences the ball just hit it..
my longest drive was on a 357 par 4 i got it on the green in one
This book helps me one way or the other.

I'm terrible with my driver. I can hit bet 200-250

Probably around 275 for me. I am not a strong driver. I am good with fairway woods and with my irons. Driving is not my strong point for sure. I should start lifting, get some more abdominal muscle and get those hips moving faster.
I have actually driven it around 300 yards before. I got extremely lucky and I was pounding them out on the course and I just happened to hit one pretty straight and I saw it land around the 300 flag. I'll tell you what, I was convinced that I was going to hit the PGA the next day.

My game is all luck, no talent.
I'm not the best driver either. I usually average about 190-230 yards. I have improved though. I used to be only able to drive like 150, but now as you can see, I'm up in the 200's. So I'm pretty proud of myself.

I average around 200, I'm just not a big hitter. How do some of you guys get 300 plus. Any tips you can send my way?
230 - 240. If I crank it it's 270 - 290 but it may not go straight. The trick is NOT to crank it.
Not nearly as far as I'd like to be able to. Every once in a while you just get that perfect shot, but most of the time I can't hit it that well and it doesn't go nearly as far as I'd like it to
Since I just started, I only make around 175-210 yards, lucky if i make 220...:(

I'm really not a 'big hitter' - but I've always been pretty consistent/straight.

One of the best purchases I made last year was a 'clearance' Cobra SZ 460. I used a Calloway Biggest Big Bertha (I think the original one) for about 10yrs leading up to that, and probably averaged 240 - I could maybe get a touch more from time to time. But WOW, these big head/sweet spot drivers really work! I'm getting the same consistency, with 20 extra yards and more... I'm about 5-6'' - so I feel like a cartoon character with this thing!

I joke with my playing partners that I have 'embraced the technology' - don't fight it... They just roll their eyes.. :rolleyes:

I can drive almost every green at my home course. I drove the 18th yesterday and it's yardage is 317. If I really rip one and hit it solid I can drive about 320. My home course is easy on the front but the back is like hitting concrete greens.
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