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Golf Carts - Rent or Owner

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How many of you guys own your own golf cart? How many of you guys just rent the golf cart? I was thinking about buying, but I go to many different courses. You have to buy a trailer, that cost just about as much as the golf cart. I'm thinking I'm still just going to rent one out.
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In the Uk we dont use golf carts that much, we do it the old fashioned way and walk.
Nothing like beating your feet upon the lush and beautiful greens and courses. I would prefer the old fashion way then the drive a cart. I have seen people get so attached to their cart that they find it a chore to walk a few feet to swing at their ball.
I agree also, why not just walk. I walk when I'm golfing alone, but when with a group we usually rent a cart to help speed up the game. My dad works for a steel manufacturing company and a few months ago he customized a golf cart for a local course. He added a whole new frame, with new seats and wheels to make it look like a miniture hummer. Al though it looks really cool, it costed the owner of the golf course roughly $3000 dollars just for the customization.

Walking is good. The carts also help on those long distance, going from one place to another. To be with a group it's nice to have a cart. I liking walking too.
I think carts take away a lot of what golf is about.

To me there are few things better than spending a day out in the sun with your buddies doing a bit of moderate exercise.
The only time I use a cart is when I go with my dad because Juniors aren't aloud to rent carts at my local golf course...I dont like carts anyway I just find them distracting.
I think walking is the best way, this kind of technology really takes the love out of the game.
I would love it if I could walk the entire game. The golf bag is heavy though. I'd need me a cute little caddie to carry it around for me. Until then, I'm thankful for the cart that is rented.
Walking is a great excersice!!! So why not take steps and only hear the birds on your path?? Beautiful, isn't it??:rolleyes:
I usally just go and walk but when I do use one I rent it because I do not go every weekend so it would not be worth buying it. I know a few people that own but they go every weekend so it is worth it.
It never even crossed my mind that you could buy a power cart for yourself. All that extra hassle probably isn't worth it in the long run. I try to walk as much as possibly, I only rent power carts on long or hilly courses.
I do not rent I always have to go and rent one which is not to bad becasue I can spilt it with who I go with.
Phreak said:
I do not rent I always have to go and rent one which is not to bad becasue I can spilt it with who I go with.
You just contradicting yourself completely. The sentence didn't make any sense either. Just a comment. Anyways, you could probably split up if you didn't get a power cart, it doesn't really matter.
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