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Golf Practice Videos!

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Those golf practice videos, that you see on t.v. has anyone ever bought one? I'm looking for a great golf video that could improve my game. Taking some new tips out on the course. Does anyone have any great ones that they view'd?
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Infomercials and golf blend together like the HSN. There are lots of products out there to help people golf better or promise you to be the best. I am sure some of the products help people, but I believe a lot of the stuff seen is a way to earn quick money. To be good at golf you must practice. You are not going to wake up a pro from a product being sold in the midnight hours.
I for one enjoy instructional video's as well as books. Even the newby has an insight to offer that maybe wasn't clear to you. I have a few leadbetters and a butch harmon instructional video. What I will say though is that even if a book or video says that this is the way to do it, In general there are a few set in stone rules to golf but each person must customize their own ability's to get the perfect fit. So I take them more as suggestions and some food for thought that maybe I hadn't thought of before. IMHO! C/C
get in touch with Steve1070 he has great web sites for instuction and they are free.
if you do a search there are a few good link in so post i think they were in the tips section. youtube is your friend!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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