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I've got two: Nikon Coolshot rangefinder and the Garmin G6 (handheld). I use the rangefinder primarily on the driving range as the flags are usually inaccurate by 20 yards or so in my experience.

Regarding the G6, I waffled between the G6 and the S6 (wrist). My personal feeling for rejecting the S6 was the effect of regular club/ball impact might affect the internals having it on my wrist.

May not be true but that was my thought so I got the G6 instead. A downside to this is the time it takes to add your score to it. If you wait till you're off the green and waiting at the next tee box to add it, the unit has already moved on to that hole and you have to backtrack to add your score. Can't really do it while you're near that finished hole either as in all likelihood, there are players waiting to hit onto the green.

Advantages and disadvantages to any unit you decide on.
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