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Happy Gilmore Putter

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This may seem more of a joke, but I am serious when I ask this question. Has anyone actually ever used or seen a putter like the one Adam Sandler used on Happy Gilmore. If so, was it any good? Was it a well balanced putter? I've used many different putters, ones shaped like banana's, a old boot, a eagle head, but never a hockey stick. So if you have any information on this type of putter, please let me know. Thanks
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If you are even cought red handed with any of those you are kicked off of my the courses in my city. They are very strict since someone was injured (don't ask what happened, it was stupid).

I wouldn't even attempt to use a hockey stick.
I don't know if these are dangerous or not, but c'mon. :)

Happy Gilmore drove the ball by charging at a tee at full speed. Do you think real golfers do that? The hockey stick was something that really wouldn't, and shouldn't, work in real life. Stick to a normal putter.
Who would be stupid enough to bring a hockey stick? You would be stared at the whole time you're playing! Plus, you wouldn't do good at all.
Hell yeah, bring on the hockey sticks. Maybe that why my putting sucks. Im using the wrong equipment. Maybe I should start using a field hockey stick or maybe I should use a lacrosse stick in the sand. Are we even discussing this?

I would like to see a hockey stick that really would work well. I would take the laughs and stares if it would improve my game. :D
Atleast somebody out there is on my side. I didn't mean an actual hockey stick. I meant a small, iron shafter, minature hockey stick/putter. Of course the possibilities of it being any good are slim to none, but its fun to dream a little. If they actually had a hockey stick/putter on the market that actually worked. I would, without a doubt, go out and buy one regardless of price.
I don't see the point, if your a true golfer this would just ruin your reputation. Even thinking about it is kinda stupid, although. If someone did use it i'd have to stop and laugh.
I have never seen any type of putter that was shaped like a hockey stick, and as a matter of fact I don't think that I have seen one that has been any sort of odd shape.

As said before, maybe just as a joke they have some out there.
There is an offical Happy Putter in existance:

It doesn't look all that bad, though I think the others are right to say that you'd probably get some strange looks. Never saw one in use before, and never used one. :p
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Meh, I don't think you can get the same feel with a wooden putter. Although it looks pretty cool I don't think it is very efficient.

Nice picture though :)
The question is, if you actually bought one of those and played with it, would you hold it like a hockey stick or a golf club?
As a hockey player and a golfer I would really not even try this. It is just not the same at all.
As another hockey player and golfer id get one just to say I had one, and to answe your question id definitely hold it like a hockey stick to get the full Happy Gilmour effect
can someone post a link of where you can buy one still wondering if this is a serious thread..........:dunno:
Thats the funny has odysee on it that made me laugh when i saw it and if i walked onto the putting green with that in my hand id get some very strange looks :laugh:

you must be bloody crazy mate. why on earth would you want a putter like that when the 'benross centre shaft' is on the market'
I wounder if they have sold that hockey stick/putter yet??
woah woah woah instead of trashing the guy and putting him on the stake why dont we just say that no we've never seen one. Why does everyone hear have to be so damn personal about everything. Honestly dont you think people are gonna laugh WHEN YOU GO OUT THERE WITH CINDERBLOCK DRIVERS? Shut up and let the guy ask his question.
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