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Hey everyone,

I recently was fitted for a new set of irons, Nike Pro Combo tour forged. I'm a 6'4" lefty and I had them made 2 deg upright, inch longer shaft, and 1/16 oversize grips. The shafts are the stiff Nike rifle. I was previously using a set of Titleist DCI 981's, with normal length stiff dynamic gold shafts.

My problem with the new Nike's is that everything is going right. Not just a pull right, but it's a hook right. Swing is the same as before. I thought maybe I was standing too close to the ball, but that wasn't it. If I open my stance a ton, I can straighten it out a bit, but I'm talking about way open, like for a huge fade. I've never used the rifle shafts, so I'm thinking that maybe they're not stiff enough. Anyone have any ideas. I like the ball flight with these irons, it's nice and high, but this hook thing is annoying. Thanks.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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