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Good morning, well it's afternoon here and sunny but not where you guys are.


Good afternoon,

My name is Noel and I have a handicap of 15, Used to play at the Branston golf and country club and I was wondering if anyone out there would be good enough to help me by answering a few quetions I have for an Open University project I have ongoing at the moment.

I would like to improve the way our clubs are kept dry when playing in the rain so:

Question 1. Do you find that the waterproof hood is a help or a hindrance to playing in the rain?
Question 2. If you feel it is impeding the game what improvements would you like to see?
Question 3. Do you find the hood to be too short?
Question 4. Is access to the clubs easy when weatherproofing is on the bag?

Thanks in advance and any other comments would be more than useful,

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