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I'm GolfistaVecchio [Old Golfer in Italian},
my avatar is my Welsh Terrier,
and I've played since 1959.

I collect rather than sell my old clubs. My mancave is decorated with bags going back to 1959.

I was briefly a seven at my absolute best, but I'm a thirteen here in my dotage!
My club's course is a 1906 Donald Ross layout completely restored --closed two years for restoration-- just over a decade ago.

I'm a bit of a gearhead, love to talk about equipment old and new, although I'm not the proverbial "club ho."

I've very recently replaced a set that I've played since before the Dead Sea was even sick, so we can start with that.

Titleist PT___13, 17, 20, 23º
Mizuno Fli Hi II___18º driving iron
Titleist DCI 962___#s 4-9
Cleveland 588___49, 53º
Cleveland 691___58º
Ram Zebra___putter

Titleist TSi1___12º
Titleist TSi2___18, 21º
Epon AF-906___20º driving iron
Titleist T100___#s 4-9
Callaway MD5___48, 54, 60º
Mizuno Type III___putter

For starters, I'm now down to fourteen clubs so I don't have to remember to pull one in organized events, not that I play in many anymore.

More importantly, I have to finally get used to the huge modern driver.
I can bend a big banana either way at will.
If I try to hit it straight, that's effectively asking the club to choose which banana I'll get.

Surprise me, Big Dog.

For one thing, I have to tee the ball so high that it's like having a ball-above-feet sidehill lie on the tee.
Also, I have to play the ball uncomfortably forward in my stance.
My solution so far is to hit driver on only three holes on our course.
One hole accommodates a big banana ball left.
One hole accommodates a big banana ball right.
And the third hole has a landing area broad enough to accommodate a polo match.

As for the irons, I see no difference whatever between hitting the DCI 962s or the T100s.
They're both perfectly fine.
Forged irons are supposed to feel different from stainless, but you could have fooled me.
It was just time for a change.

The Callaway wedges feel more stable at impact that did the old Clevelands, although the latter were classics..
Also, I now have legal grooves.
The Cleveland grooves had been gouged out with a cutting tool so often that they were in flagrant non-conformance with the old 2009 rules.
I may not be able to continue playing long enough for the Callaways to get to that state.

The Mizuno putter is a non-offset face-balanced mallet just like the venerable Zebra.
Putters are putters.
The next innovative putter design that actually works well will be the very first one ever from my perspective.
I could probably putt just as well with the Bobby Jones Calamity Jane putter.

I didn't change balls. I still play the Pro V1x, all ball #79 to keep my eyes on the prize.
I could probably play as well with balls that cost half as much but I like continuity.
Back when Titleist made wound balls, I instead played the original Spalding Top Flite, not the XL,
and I played it until it went out of production.

What I really like is the new cart bag.
I like the individual 14 slots.
I like the forward facing pockets.
I like the more reasonable size and weight compared to the bulky staff bag in which the old set resides.

Buying a new set wasn't something that I absolutely needed to do, but I should have moved to the modern cart bag years ago.

The biggest eye opener of all, however, was what a new golf set costs today.
In my lifetime, which has admittedly spanned a few years, I've literally bought a new car for less.
Oh well, it's almost certainly my last I would think.

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Hi @GolfistaVecchio, and welcome to the Golf Forum! :)

The biggest eye opener of all, however, was what a new golf set costs today.
In my lifetime, which has admittedly spanned a few years, I've literally bought a new car for less.
You're right about that. Luckily I'm not the kind of guy who blames his clubs on a bad day, I've been playing with the same set for 15 years now. I appreciate clubs get better over the years, I just don't believe that a $1,200 driver is three times better than a $400 one.

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I'll tell you what's equally silly, Jan.
A $600 driver that's only good on three holes.
But it's done, so that's where I'm at.

Anyway, thanks for the welcome.
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