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Hi All,
My name is Andrew and not really sure if this forum is going to be the right place to ask, but what else do you do apart from a google search and try your best. So I happen to live in a place called Santa Marta, Colombia, an Ozzie guy far from home and a passionate golfer, or even more so, addicted golfer. Where I live, there was once a golf course. A challenging 9 holer, but none the less a golf course. Due to bad administration, it closed down some 13 years ago and like anything in the tropics has been overtaken by the environment.
My goal, my desire, my dream and the desire to have a hit, I have launched a crowdfunding page to organize a feasibility study into the restoration of the course. This is nowhere near what would be needed, but it's a start.
So I am asking here for anyone who is interested in helping to check out the GoFundMe page and website to get a better idea. If you find yourself moved enough in my dream the smallest donation will make a difference to this mammoth task.
I hope no one gets offended or annoyed by asking here, but if the project goes forward, I myself could add to hilarious golf stories and more. So have a look, dig deep if you can, and make a dream come true.
Due to technical issues, I can not post the links here, but if you go to GoFundMe and search for Restoration of Santa Marta Golf Course or visit the website for Santa Marta Golf Club (all one word). com you can have a better idea of what and why I am asking for help.
It would be very helpful if you could also share this on any social network page, the more people the better
I thank you all very much for taking the time to read this and hope you find it a worthy cause.

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Are You Guilty Of This Golfing Sin?

With distance measuring devices being common place now you’d think golfers would not be short of the pin as much as they are.

Think back to your last game of golf and add up how often you were short of the pin.
Imagine how many shots you could save if you got the ball to the hole more often.

Some people will tell you that you’re under clubbing and that’s why you’re hitting it short. If you don’t know your distances very well there could be some truth to that, but I think there’s a bigger reason why most golfers end up short of the pin.

I think for most golfers, they have a fear of hitting the ball past the pin. Like there’s some sort of monster past the pin. ? Which is odd because most golf course architects put most of the trouble in front of the green.

Generally, I DON’T think the solution to this “coming up short” problem is selecting one more club. Because often when I see golfers do that they are still often short of the pin with the longer club.

Instead, I think there should be a mind game you play to help you hit shots up to the pin more often.

To help you do this, the next time you play golf I want you to stand behind your iron shots and imagine your ball flying over the flag by 20 – 30 feet. Make a conscious effort to do this on every shot where you have a good chance of getting to the pin. Be very detailed with your visualization and see the ball flying further than the pin. Then when you’re
over the ball and looking at your target look beyond the target by 20-30 feet, like you did when you were standing behind the ball.

Then make an aggressive swing.

Try this out the next time you play golf and I’m sure you’ll be shocked at how many more times you’re pin high. This will help you score no end because, like I said in the beginning of this email, most trouble is short of the hole.

click link to find the truth

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