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Hi Everyone

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I thought i would be the first to post an introduction, im Rick out of Canada. Into golf, mostly because Tiger woods is a great gamer, i got into it.

I usually attend the driving range, but once in a while i get out on the course.

Anyways, thought i would say hi! :D
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Welcome Rick

Welcome Rick.

Glad to have you around. I too, tend to visit the driving range quite often after work, or during lunch. Hope the boss doesnt read this. :)
New to the Forum

Hi Everyone.

My name is Jenny and I am new to this forum and new to golf. I really like golf alot, its very relaxing. I live in Jacksonville Beach, Florida so I am very lucky to have tons of great top notch courses to play. TPC starts tomorrow at Sawgrass. Who do you favor?
Hi rick, welcome to the forum, i'm ryan! :)

I hope you have a good time whilst browsing and posting around the forums. We're all a community here so I don't think you should need to worry about fitting in. Being on many other forums I know how hard it is.
Thanks for the warm welcome :D
Welcome to the forum rick, I hope you enjoy your stay whilst you are here, remember to keep coming back!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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