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Are you the pro golfer? Do you have the knowledge of a pro golfer or even a tip you’ve heard on the course. We want to hear about it so start a thread to share your tip with everyone. No matter how miniscule it is. Look around at other people’s advice as well and give your thoughts and feedback. We will pick a random winner on Friday June 1 2007

-Please ensure you title your thread correctly
-If for example someone started a “putting tips” thread post your tip in there do not start a new one.

Are you a Pro, or think like a pro? Know a tip that can help improve a players game. We want to hear form you! We are looking for you to share your tips and tricks and interesting advice to the golf community for a chance to win the “Big Bertha 460” So come and share your insights today!

(Offer valid to North American residents only)
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