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Guys, I stumbled into this forum because I broke the shaft on my sand wedge and I have this idea that I am going to fix it myself. I have re-gripped clubs, but never re-shafted.

Here is what I have done so far: I have removed the remants of the old shaft from the SW head. I have removed the grip from the old shaft and I can measure the old pieced together shaft for length (let's call this length A). I have a replacement shaft I ordered, but it is about 2 inches longer than A. So I have to trim it. Ok, but the first question I have is: which end of the new shaft should I trim? The hosel end or the butt end?

Then I have a more general question: How does one measure an assembled club? All this reading I have been doing about clubmaking makes me wonder about my clubs. If I pull my 5 iron from the bag, how do I measure it? From what to what?

I am sorry to post such a basic question. I have watched a few youtube videos on clubmaking, but they all gloss over this question. Is there a book I can buy?

Let me know, thanks Steve
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