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I need advice

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Which clubs and balls work the best? I need some professional ones since mine are not really good. They are also worn out. Any suggesstions?
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I'm a dedicated callaway user, as for balls, proV1's are good.
For clubs i like a lot. I have a good set of nike irons that i like using a lot. As for the balls i agree with ryan, pro v1s are good.
I really enjoy my Golden Bear clubs, they work really well for me and I am a big fan of the original Bear who they were made in the image of.

As for balls, I have always found that the expensive Nike balls work best, atleast for me. Juts don't lose too money as they cost a bundle.
If you do become a great golfer if you already are I suggest purchasing expensive balls because they DO increase the quality of your game, and you'll also leave the course feeling much happier then usual.
I used to buy good balls but since mine always go into the woods or the water, it usually ends up being a big waste of money.
If you're starting out don't worry too much about stuff you can lose like balls, but I dont see any reason not to get the best equipment. Try callaway, I've heard good things and like them myself.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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