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Ok im sellin these clubs as i have got taller now and so have moved to mens clubs but these clubs are Hippo Tempest and are in Very good condition with only general play marks
They come with 3-sw irons and 3,5,7 woods with headcovers(If wanted) and also come with a Forgen Driver which is in fantastic condition, which i would be willing to sell on its own its that good!They also come with a cheap donnay putter which isnt bad at all

This set is ideal for a beginner who isnt looking to spend to much on a whole set , it is also ideal for junior golfers who arnt quiet ready to move to mens clubs as these are graphite shafts you dont have to swing as hard, i will post pics up for anyone that is interested but i would recommend for beginner.They served me well as i got down to a 17 handicap in my first year using these clubs(i have only had them a season)
I am looking for about £90 for the whole lot which can include again a cheap but fully working donnay bag or i am willing to sell the Driver on its own for about £30-40
Thanks a lot
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