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This is a brand new Leica Pinmaster
I am an authorized Leica dealer and I have a few of these in stock that I am selling at a very low price. It is brand new with the Leica USA Warranty, Case, Strap and Battery.

LEICA PINMASTER - The golfers friend

The LEICA PINMASTER is a rangefinder specifically designed for golf. Simply measure the distance to the pin and then make a confident swing.

Precision help on the golf course with a laser rangefinder that features a 7 x magnification, integrated diopter compensation and a range of 640 m. The scan-mode coupled with "first-target" technology ensure exact measurements.

One can gain a quick overview of the course, thanks to the safe laser of the Pinmaster. Distances to obstacles, such as bunkers and trees, as well as the pin can easily be measured. The "first-target" technology ensures that only the first target will be measured, regardless if other, more distant targets can be seen in the target reticle. All of these features allow you to choose the right club and improve your handicap.

If I can answer any questions for you please feel free to contact me.
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