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Master Tiger

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Yahoo has published a article in the front of their sports section with the headline "Masters to test Tiger's iron will" and they begin disect Tigers game. I sort of wonder if Tiger reads these sort of articles that seem to know more about him then himself. Often time they will spin the article out of control so much that is can be stressful for these players. To me it seems to make one focus more on their character then their game. It would be nice to set aside speculation for a moment and just let people play without anything heavy on their minds.
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Tiger's mind is so strong that I doubt these articles affect him. These columnists can't play the game for him, so why would he worry about it? He knows he's the best golfer in the world, no matter what anyone with access to a keyboard says.
He probably reads them....after the competitions. I remember a while ago I read a book about Lance Armstrong, and supposedly he spends hours hunting down articles about themselves, and whenever people write negatively about him, they check their email five minutes later to get a scalding letter from him, and he'll refuse to give them interviews or anything for months. I thought that was kinda funny
I think Tiger would not have been able to get to the top the way he has had he not learned to think for himself. To win a tourney and take on that pressure takes tremendous concentration. If anyone on this planet is capable, it is he.
I doubt he goes hunting for articles about himself, im sure if he stumbles across one he might glance at it, but i feel that tiger is not the kind to read too much into things like this.
I doubt that anyone who is in the public eye as much as Tiger is would pay much attention to what is in the press - it would keep him busy 24/7 just checking up on it. Lance Armstrong must have had a lot of time on his hands to blast back at people like that.

I think you have to have a tough hide and just ignore whatever is said or else it'll eat you up inside. You're always going to have people criticizing you no matter what you do, so why waste emotional energy on it?
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