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1-Chad Campbell -6
T2-Rocco Mediate -3
T2-Fred Couples -3
T2-Vijay Singh -3
T5-Darren Clarke -2

Where is Tiger? Our defending champ is not in the top five and I am wondering whether Tiger has lost his touch or not. I guess we will have to see what happens.
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What is going on?

I came to find out what is going on at the masters. Does anyone have any information on who's leading? Or what is the talk on the course?
I think Tiger is trailing 7 other golfers after Friday's play and is in a pack with 6 others in the same position.

With the rain delay today, who knows what will happen?

Anyway, Tiger's done this before and come back to win with his play over the weekend, so I don't think we can count him out until we see how he does in the next round at least.

I'm not a huge Tiger fan, but he is a talented player. I just wish he were a little more humble :p
Tiger is still easily within striking distance, so don't count him out. I turned on the t.v. earlier and they said there were weather delays, and it wouldn't start up for 45 minutes, so I flipped it off. Did I miss anything good?
I think The Masters is anyones game and Sunday will be something else. I believe everyone will bring their game and give it their best. You look in the top 10 and many of the big names are in the list.
For live leaderboard of the Masters, goto...
Woods is moving up. Will he take it? Mickelson is still in the lead at 4 under along with Couples and Jimenez. Woods is at 3 under.
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