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Michelle Wie

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What do you guys think of Michelle Wie? I think right now - she's just an average player, but she's amazing for her age. She's got unlimited potential. If she keeps at it, she'll definitely be the best in the LPGA, and will be able to give any of the greats a run for their money.

Just give it a couple more years.
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Even in my greatest dreams I cannot even think about having the mad skills that girl has. Man, to be so great at such a young age is amazing. She started her 2005 season on the LPGA Tour with the best performance of her career. Then she placed second at the LPGA Championship. I definately think she is well on her way to alot of titles.

She also is the first female golfer to qualify for a USGA national men's tournament. When she played in the John Deere Classic she missed the cut by two strokes after a double-bogey and bogey on successive holes in the second round.

This girl is like my mantra. I bow to her and would love to meet her in hopes of some of her golf skills rub off on me. Go Michelle Wie! GO!
I think she is very overrated for the time being.

Don't stone me yet, I know I seem like a lady-hater but I am not. She is very talented and much better at golf than I can ever hope to be. With that said she does not deserve to be ranked as high as she was in the LPGA, she does not deserve to be recognized as the "LeBron James of the LPGA," and she hasn't actually done anything that huge yet.

She needs to win something before she becomes this big of a deal.

But outside of that slight rant, I will say she seems like a very humble and intelligent person. I would be extremely happy if she were to succeed for the rest of her career.
She is amazing. At her young age she is already pro and probably better than some pros. She will be noticed when entered into the major tours and games.

A definite revolution don't you think? The more idols that appear of all races, the better.
Well again, I don't think race is as much of an issue here as sex is. I agree Michelle Wie is impressive. But do you think she deserves all the publicity and accolades she gets from the media?

I don't.
Lol I think you are very confused considering the last couple posts...

What I'm saying is, the more races that play golf the better. So it will attract more players. I also agree she shouldn't get too much media attention for it isn't necessary.

Although it's good to know she's turning pro and yatta yatta.
Oh, well I don't think race in this sport is a big deal to begin with. Golf is a sport that is already widely played around the world and doesn't need to be marketed to other countries, like say basketball does. But I see where you are coming from now.

I think she shouldn't have turned pro. People her age should be learning to grow up and have a normal life. She may regret this decision when she leaves high school and realizes she spent too much time golfing.
Do you really think she's going to abandon high school for golf? I HIGHLY doubt she'll get a position on ANY tour or ANY tournament.
Sorry I confused you again. She is obviously still going to high school.

Let me put this in a different way. I knew a girl in high school, she was in one of my classes, who was so good at tennis she could play in the big professional events. To get to play she would fly down to Florida and compete with better players.

Because of this she missed a lot of school time and wasn't able to make any good friends or have the fond memories of school like most kids do.

That is what I meant. Wie probably is still schooled in someway, but it seems like going pro is going to make her an outsider in her school.
Not that many people I know, know her...

She isn't too professional to be noticed as the "good one". I love golf, but she isn't ready. I think like cochise and Slasher say, she should continue some schooling somehow, better to be high schoo. Although she will face some issues aka she's famous.
I am surprised not too many people you know don't recognize her name at least Golf. Wie is a fairly big name and anyone familiar with ESPN surely must have heard her name dropped once or twice.

She may not deserve it, but she does get a lot of press.
Well of course I know her. But I wouldn't think twice about her, ya' know?
She's just not good enough to be a real professional. I think they made a mistake. She's too young. Isn't she 16? Ugh... :rolleyes:
Want to see how bad of a state the LPGA is in?

Look at how badly they need Wie. They market her like she is the only player they have on tour. It is clearly getting into the heads of other top female golfers who know she doesn't deserve the attention yet.

I hope she has a good career.
Yeah, same situation, my friends sons friend is at school and is running in the under 18's 100m etc and is becoming very famous.

She has a lot of talent, still room for improvement although definately one too look out for.
It is obvious there is a lot of room for improvement, she hasn't ever won a LPGA event yet! How can she be ranked three in the world?

Like I said before....she needs to be able to play and do well without the media in her face. Don't they realize how hard they are making it for her?
I agree with a lot of other posters that she is very overrated.

Her and Danica Patrick. Just because they are young and talented enough to play with the pros does not mean they should be instant celebrities. It makes me sick how everything has been handed to these girls on a platter.

Win something...prove you belong for gods sake.
i love michelle wie man...shes such a cutie...shes gonna be a good golfer too. give her some time.
Definately one to watch, shes a great player already and I wish her luck in her future golfing career!
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