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NXT and NXT Tour

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These are both good, reasonably priced golf balls. With the exception of Noodles, these are the best golf balls you can get for your money. They both feel solid off the tee and around the green. The Tour flies a little higher and lands a little softer. Other than that, the only difference I found was the spin you get on the green (the Tour has much more,) and the price.
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A decent cheap ball is the Maxfli blackmax they are really good and go miles
I agree with white_tiger the nxt tours are very reasonable for the price 25 bucks at your local sports authority, but 26 bucks with tax and shipping off with customization, such as text options. but very nice ball feels real solid off the tee:thumbsup:
I have never played with a DT solow ball but many a time i have played with the PTS solo ball...very nice
NXT Tours are my ball of choice, I havent found another ball in that price range that feels as good around the green or gets the distance I look for.

However, Srixon AD333 are a nice ball to play as an alternative.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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