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Phil Mickelson

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So Phil is one of those golfers that everyone seems to root for. Before last year, he was the best player to never have won a major. He finally broke that trend with one major win last year.

So what are your thoughts on Phil? Do you like him or hate him?

I think Phil is a good player but it seems to me that he isn't well liked by other PGA players on tour. There must be some reason why that is.
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Hes a great golfer and thats all that matters. I think he should be considered the second best next to tiger of course.
Phil is a great golfer. He's probably one of the most under rated golfers out there. I'm sure Phil still has a few more major wins in him, hopefully. Even though I'm not a huge fan of him I wish him the best of luck in the future.
I think everyone likes Phil. You cant not like Lefty. He is underatted as a golfer because he does not have those big tour wins like Tiger does. I don't think he will ever have the same kind of fame that Tiger does.

Poor Phil :(
Hes a great player but i think that he always falls just a little bit short. If he improved his short game and was more clutch he would be unstoppable.
I think he is a bit overrated and only plays well every now and then. If he improved his short game it would help a lot.
Am I the only person who doesn't like Phil?

Sure he is a nice guy and has a great family and a great career. But his life is a little TOO perfect, a little TOO easy for him, etc. I don't like how everything seems to fall into his lap. He didn't have a major and now he got one of those as well.

No one else dislikes him?
I don't like him. His attitude doesn't work for a sports idol. I don't like that he chokes under pressure, and theres a reason he was known as the best player not to win a major for so long. I don't like that in someone I admire for sports or for life. There was a commercial for a tour event that said "last year america fell in love with him" for winning a major.. Whatever... he's just a talented player that cant finish. Anyone with that talent could do the same thing.
I know right.

The big story is how he won one major last year. But what about the second major he could have had but choked away?

That is what seperates the good players from the greats. Ben Curtis has a good day and won a major at one point. Anyone can get hot and get a green jacket. But can he do it again?

Until he does he is nothing more than a good player.
Mickelson has won two majors - the 2004 Masters and the 2005 PGA.
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