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Phil wins the Masters

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Way to go Phil!!!
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Phil Mickelson did it. Winning The Masters will keep the critics quiet for a bit. I am happy he won. Look out Phil is on a winning streak.

Phil, Phil, Phil, congratulation on the win. A job well done. It must be easy to be green, a jacket well won. Now who is the best player now. par -7 under.
Yeah, it was a great final round I thought. My memory for names is horrible, but I really felt bad for the guy who hit a 10 on one hole after going into the water twice. I probably could have even hit under 10 :D , well, maybe not with the clubs I have.
Congratualtions to him, hes not my favourite golfer, but he deserved the victory.

He was by far the best over the 4 rounds.
That was Rocco Mediate it hurt to watch that in a major good for Phil though taking a stand for us lefthanders everywhere.
Once again Lefty strikes in a big tournament. I think that this is a new beginning for him. I think he will now go on a tear winning all over the place. I hope he keeps winning, it is great for the sport and I like seeing him win.

Congratulations Phil
Congradulations to Phil for winning The Masters, he desevers and he played very well.

Congratulations to Phil! :thumbsup:

Congratulations to the Masters! :D

Congratulations to the fans of Phil! (that includes me!) :)

Hurrah! Hurrah! More power to Phil! and his fans, of course!!
Congratz to Phil. I still would have liked to have seen Tiger win it. But hey, thats just me.
Great victory, man definitely deserves respect.
Phil totally rocked the house... no offense to Tiger, but you gotta come to play serious when you get to this level and keep bringing it!

I knew it was coming

I knew it was coming caue he won the week before with a hella big ass lead. Next year will probably be a amater, i predict;)
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