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Photos of your clubs

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Anybody interested in posting pictures of their favorite Golf Gear and Equipment???? (Clubs, Bags, Shoes, Gloves, favorite grips, clothing, etc, etc, whatever)Don't be shy or lazy! Don't hate - Participate! :D :thumbsup:

...I'll post some pix tonight after I get outta my office.

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Dennis - Does that mean these might be the "Holy Grail" sticks you have been searching for???
Dennis - Does that mean you have finally found the "Holy Grail" set?
Hope so.
I think I'd prefer to think of it as the Holy Grail brand. Like your Miuras, the Mizunos simply feel better than any irons I've ever hit. It's pretty hard to try some other brand and regardless how you hit it, realize there's no way it can feel as good as what you have.
Well after two years of searching, I finally found a 3 iron to complete my set of Miura's.
I got the set for Christmas and it was 4 - W, with a P/S club that is a Gap wedge at 51*... only needed the 3 to be complete.
I cant wait to get it and try it out. I know a lot of people like Hybrid clubs because they can't hit the long irons any more but I am the opposite. I can't hit the Hybrids and love to hit my long irons as I usually hit them long and pretty straight.
Will put up a pic of the set and then seal them in a case forever!!! Yea right! I will be at the range later that day hitting balls for as long as I can. Maybe try to get out on Sunday and give it some real play.
I have Officially joined the Dark Side and have a sweet set of Mizuno MP-67's.
Very nice clubs. They were refinished and re-grooved so they look brand new.
I cant wait to try them out in a lil tourney tomorrow.
Still have my Miura's, still have my Pings... just growing my collection.
Well HOWDY stranger!!!

I know the Miuras are fabulous, but I bet you like the Mizunos too. The MP-67 is a pretty iconic iron that people still use a lot.
How's it going Bud? Hope all is well.
I actually was just reading a few posts on the Muzino forums and came across a couple you did. I was like Hey, I know that guy!
I figured I would pop in to share my new toys.
I did a lot of research on a bunch of Muzino clubs and went browsing at the local Golfsmiths that are closing but the used sets they had were sooooo beat up and they wouldn't sell me the MP5's off the rack so I started browsing around and just got stuck between the MP5 and MP67's. Couldn't resist the 67's as it was a sweet deal on basically new clubs.
I will let you know how I do with them tomorrow and try to put up a pic.
Have a good weekend and hit em long and straight!
Putter info

Hi everyone. I bought some vintage golf clubs at a garage sale and there was a putter shape ive never seen before. It has similar markings to that of the Wilson woods that were in the pile I bought but other than that there's no other markings. I searched google images but couldn't find anything quite like it. Anyone have any hints/tips? thanks in advance!


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i am a newbie .i want to more it.thanks for share
Anybody still post here?
trying to rejuvenate the forum after years of neglect (as you've seen) but it takes time (y)
Could anyone help me identify the model/year for these powerbilt citations? They have gold numbers on the toe, a gold horseshoe with HB, and gold citation or back of face.

Bag Silver Font Metal Fashion accessory
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Could anyone help me identify the model/year for these powerbilt citations? They have gold numbers on the toe, a gold horseshoe with HB, and gold citation or back of face.

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Like these?
Like these?

no... see the pic attached? above?
Here are my sticks. After a break from the game for several years I find it funny that these are now considered vintage. They will stay with me on my journey to scratch. I got the irons and woods new in 1992 when i was 10. The irons were changed from a blue to white dot by ping and reshafted when i was done growing. Woods were re-shafted by me last week to DG S300s.

Shoe Leg Camera accessory Camera lens Tripod

Musical instrument Guitar accessory Wood Eyewear Sunglasses


Woods: Titleist PT 10.5 (also have 8.5 and 9.5), 15, and 20 degree al with DG S300 shafts
Irons: 1-SW Eye 2 (+ no +) White Dot, .25 over standard length with ZZ Lite shafts. 1 iron comes and goes depending on conditions etc.
Putter: Anser 2 35.5 length w/pp58 grip
Bag: Ping L8 (new edition w/single strap)
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