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Hello everyone,

As part of my Masters in Sport Psychology I am conducting some research into performing under pressure. We are interested in whether an individual's personality influences how they perceive and perform under different types of pressure in sport (eg. large crowd, financial reward, putting to win a competition). This research takes the form of a 15 minute questionnaire and is open to any adult (18+) who has played a sport competitively in the last 5 years (this includes matches for a local club). Furthermore, 8 participants will be selected at the end of the study to win a £25 amazon voucher.

If anyone would like to take part in this research then please follow this link to the online questionnaire -

As a golfer myself I know how much my game can go to pieces under the smallest amount of pressure, so I think this research is especially relevant to us golfers! It would be great to get some responses as golf is currently underrepresented in our sample.
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