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Hi Everyone,

New to the forum. Hope to learn a lot here. :)

I've been playing for about 25 years now (started at 19) and in the last 3 years I've gotten serious about improving, and I am. For years and years, and without even knowing it, I would outside-in my swing producing the dreaded slice or straight shot out to the right (i'm a lefty). I never cared to understand why and got used to the result. Expecting these results, I adjusted my game to take that into account. I've since learned a few things and have really improved with this part of my swing (among other parts of my swing) and my overall game has really improved.

As I continue to learn new things and try to commit them to muscle memory, I'm seeing fantastic results... at the range. On the course, it's a different story. It just doesn't translate. One thing I'm currently experiencing is getting a lot of fat contact on the course. I've been thinking about this, and while I'm doing the exact same thing on the course as at the range (stance width, keeping my head down through contact, etc...), I'm getting this result. What I think is happening is that at the range, fat contact off the mat, even slightly, will still get the ball in the air with good feel and ball flight. The thing is, I'm getting some bounce off the mat and still making decent contact. On the course, the same contact will produce a shot that doesn't travel as far and takes a divot (in front of the ball) that's bigger than it should be. The biggest problem is the loss in distance even though the ball flight is decent. I should normally get about 135 with my PW, but when I chunk it, I'll lose about 20-30 yards falling short of my intended target.

Am I on to something here? Going to the range tonight and really focus on hitting shots that may seem on the thinner side, but will still produce good contact and hoping this translates to the course.

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