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Looking to sell or trade Rapsodo MLM. Used it for 35 min total. Found a no brainer deal on a SkyTrak days after receiving my MLM. Comes with everything. Basically just opened box brand new MLM. Also a case of ProV1-RCT balls which supposedly give better radar readings indoors. Never got to test the balls with the MLM though.
$350 for all or willing to trade for a Scotty depending on model/condition. Can be contacted here or through my email which is in my profile, I think..

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Only staff can see your email. Interested parties can contact you via PM (Conversation) or include your email in your post like this (you can edit your post)

joeblow AT gmail DOT com

but don't include it "in normal fashion" so those spiders that scavenge for emails can't read it.

Also, edit your profile to include the city you live in. Might be easier for local pickup than the mails. All can see that (y)
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