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I played a lot when I was younger but haven't been playing the past 10 years due to the marriage&kids thing. Kids are getting older, so I get permission to play 18 once-a-week now, and sometimes 9 on Sunday mornings.

My scores vary wildly from 80 on a good day(last thur) to 90 on a bad. (like this morning. Two 'lost in the lake' penalties, and five 3-putt holes just mangled my flirtation with breaking 80.)

I have a nice easy swing, but do get into trouble with the irons at times when adrenaline and/or machismo get the better of me. I hit my 7i 140-145 very accurately but sometimes have tried to smack it for 165 because the guy next to me did. I can drive 240-250 straight 17/18 holes, or try for 270-280 and get 2/18 on the fairway.

I just got a whole new set of clubs. MP60s on Ebay. I was a little worried they'd be to unforgiving for me, but am hitting the 5-pw very well lately. I use a couple hybrids to replace the 3&4 right now. I wanna get some more range time with those long irons and get the confidence needed to whip them around on the course.

Hope to learn a lot from here on the forum.
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