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Beijing Hsiangshan Golf Club of China is located on the worldwide famous Hsiangshan Park, which is on the range of Yuquan Mountain and a landmark of western Beijing. The course preserves the beauty of this western mountain and temperament of ancient royal family. This 27-hole world-tournament-class course covers 2800 mu. The fairway of the first 18 holes is 7618 yards in total, which is the longest one in Beijing. The 230,000-square-meters water stretch sinuously along the fairway and the 118 bunkers will definitely bring more challenge.

Now let’s check the strategies of several holes here.

Hole No.1, Par 4, 360 yards.
There are OB on the right side and you need to shot toward the left edge of right bunker and hit over 190 yards. The green is a traditional uphill one and have bunkers on both sides.

Hole No. 4, Par 3, 166 yards.
The downhill fairway requires you balance your power. There are OB on the left of fairway and water bunker behind the green.

Hole No.9, Par 5, 561 yards.
This hole requires your imagination and you can conquer it in two ways. The safe one is shooting directly towards the right fairway and make it fly 280 yards till falling into the water, and the challengeable one is shooting towards the trees in front of the right bunker and the fell point will be 200 yards behind the left bunker.

If you are a golf traveler, it would be fantastic to challenge every hole here in this mysterious soil.
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