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Right well, where to start.

First of all please bear in mind that the details given below are in my opinion.

The Hertfordshire Golf Club - Hertfordshire
Well this is my home club, been a member here again for a couple of years now. Whilst the course is not in the best condition at the moment - thanks to a really hot spell and a poor sprinkler set up, it is where I have enjoyed most of my golf recently.

There is a good mixture of longer holes and strategically placed hazards to tempt or frustrate all levels of golfer.

Some key holes,

8th - row of trees on your right leading to red stake hazard and out of bounds tight on your left makes this par 4 one to test your resolve from the tee. Originally a par 5 but shortened by a few yards to allow the par 4 status. Bunkers protecting the green and a steep slope away towards the trees on the right hand side. If you are a player with a shot on this hole you will be happy to walk off with a bogey.

15th - water protects two thirds of this par 3 green, hit your tee shot well or be prepared to drop down by the pond. Dont go long, big old well established trees will always win a battle with a golf ball or a club. Two tier green, with a good amount of break means that even if you do hit the green in one, its no gimme for your birdie or par.

17th - you have a choice here if you are a big hitter on this par 5. a long straight tee shot should see you past the twin bunkers protecting the fairway from any wayward drives, then you have two choices 1, go for the green fly the 50ft wide pond from 250 yards or 2, lay up and chip over and lose any chance at an eagle. Play this hole into the wind and hit the green for two and you are doing something right :)

18th - the final hole, par 3 over water again. you will have something like 150 yards carry over water, hitting into an elevated green with 4 bunkers protecting the front at different levels. You cannot be short here. Hit this hole long and you have a greenside bunker or worse out of bounds at the back. Left you have some room, as there is a little bit of fairway, dont go right as this falls away into a ditch and some more big ass trees.


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Hey there fitz, nice review.

It's always nice to see a local on a worldwide forum such as this one. Whereabouts in Herts do you live? I'm currently away studying but I live in Goff's Oak - perhaps you know of it?
Anyway, back to the golf course. In this review are you referring to The Hertfordshire Golf Club, Broxbournebury Mansion, White Stubbs Lane, Broxbourne? If so, then this is extremely close to where I live - about 5 minutes away in fact. I'm pretty new to the game and over the past few years I've only played the odd round here and there. When I was younger I used to play on a weekly basis with my Dad at a small course called High Beach, but that was quite some time ago.
From your description of the course, I would say that it's probably too advanced for me to try at the moment, at least until I improve my swing a little. I plan to practice at my local course whilst I'm at University and I'll try and pay the Hertfordshire Golf Club a visit next time I'm back home.

Once I've played there I'll report back to you on how I fared. (As long as it's not too embarassing ;) )

- df
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