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The Players Championship

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Weather: cold and rainy, but still sounds better than last year's crappy weather. Shorts or no shorts?

Tiger show for practice times or morning he too good to practice with everyone, is he trying to create a little buzz, or is he really visiting his Dad?

Fred Funk...repeat? I think he had a great game last year but I dont see him winning again with the past games he has had this year.

Who do you like to win? Who do you think will cause the greatest upset?
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Maybe Tiger is to good maybe he isnt. On the other hand, maybe what he is doing, is some extra praying. Just a few weeks ago he didnt even make it in the final rounds of the Nissan Open in Southern California. The Nissan Open had some bad rain the last few days of the tournament.

I think his days of glory are over personally. All that money and advertisements and endorsements have gone to his head. I am not a tiger fan at all. He was good when he was good, but come on...he's just not the same any more. It's like Dan Marino in football, hey Dan was great when he was on his game, but even the great ones tire out and fade into black.
I don't see Tiger as the cocky type. I really think he's out visitting his dad like he's said. I do think Tiger has a good chance to win this, but at this rate, it doesn't seem like golf will be the only thing on his mind, which'll probably break his concentration, and will mess his game up.

That will likely be an excuse for why he isn't on his game. I know that Tiger was good years ago and he has his good rounds but he isnt top of the game anymore. I dont think he has a chance of coming in the top 5.

I'll be watching from the sidelines and have a nice view of it all so I guess I'll have to let it ride and see what happens...but I wouldnt put my money on Tiger...thats all Im saying.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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