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Hi ,

My name is Mark Bailey an enthusiastic golfer who hovers around the 18
handicap mark.

After many months of research trying to find a product that gave me a
simple confident swing which i could produce time and time again I
came across a revolutionary golf swing product.

Upon further investigation and some hesitation I eventually decided to
purchase and put it to the test. The topics outlined in such as positive mental approach , alignment and posture were a real eye opener to me.

3 months down the line and using the very simple effective techniques has enabled me to be playing comfortably off a 12 handicap :)

I've tried many different programs but nothing compared to this -
for further info regarding this revolutionary program see following

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hmm.. & i worry about coming across as a spammer sometimes lol.

Well seeing we're allowed to talk about other sites, I've just finished making my own one actually & I'm planning on buying, reviewing & collecting testimonials about all the golf programs on the market.

My golf site is and I'd really like opinions & suggestions of what I should add to the site. If you've got the time to check it out I'd really like to hear from you!
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