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The Tuffest Course! Too Tuff

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What has been the tuffest course you have golfed on? On what makes the course too tuff? I am looking for a challege, anybody have one? Just bring it.
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You might want to try any course with odd playing conditions. Try golfing in different environments. In Las Vegas there are some pretty dry courses and if you mess up you are in some trouble.

Basically travel to different areas, it will get harder not just by the course but by the conditions.
The Tuffest Course!

I think the tuffest course would be the first time you learn golfing...

and also, when it is raining... don't you think so?
That is true that it is hard to play in the rain. the worst is when your not done with all the holes and it starts pouring.
You're right, it is really hard to learn a new sports...

much even harder to go against the rain ... :)

Enjoy posting :)
Personally links golf for me is the hardest game to play. If you cant play low penetrating shots you may as well not bother taking your clubs out of your car.

Rain isnt that much of a problem as long as you keep your grips and your glove dry, nothing changes much apart from your putts.

Wind can have the largest effect on a golf course and the score you shoot.
Tuff is not a word, try tough. Anyway, rain has never really affected me, actually i do better with some rain for some odd reason, probably cause i aim for the pin and the ball sticks a bit better, and putting seems easier as things get slowed down.
when the wind gets up around my home course it can be impossible to play
with its tiny fairways, thick rogh, and i mean thick, its over 3 feet in places and just off the fairway it is at about 4 inches
and whent he course is bone dry like it is now it is impossible to run the ball near to the flags on our tiny greens

if you want a test try Banbridge GC
Northern Ireland
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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