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Tiger and the Majors

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Tiger Woods has had great success at the majors throughout his career and won two last year. We all know he is chasing the all-time great in Jack and trying to win the most majors ever for a pro. He just turned thirty and has many good years of golf ahead of him, barring some unforseen event.

So what do you guys think? How many more majors will he win and how many more years will it take him to set the record for most majors ever won? If you don't think he will set the record you can present your case on that as well. :D
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People always say, "he could be the Tiger Woods of our time!" when referring to to other sports. I think he is the best golfer in the world. He will surpass the all-time and many people will think so.
I agree with you that he will pass the all-time record of majors won, he is too young to not at the rate he is winning.

With that said I am not sure I have ever heard anyone say that quote you brought up. Tiger Woods is still playing so the only person that be the Tiger Woods of our time is him.

But I mean Tiger is so good. In any other sport, if you were given the choice of taking the field, meaning every other team, against one team you would probably take the field to win the championship. But if anyone asked me to take Tiger or the field for a major I would always pick Tiger.

So how many more years do you think it will take him Slash?
Well what I mean is, he is one of the most known athletes in our time. It's been said everywhere, that quote...

In fact, if you were to interview some kids, I bet 3/5 would know who Tiger Woods is rather than someone like Andre Agassi.
That is probably true Slash, but tennis is a less popular sport in the US then golf is. LOL.

Tiger Woods is well known, but I hear more comparisons to basketball greats like Jordan in sports then him. I don't think it is ever fair to call athletes the next Player X, when Player X is still playing.

Anyways back on topic, how many more years did you say?
I have heard that quote numerously. I'm not surprised either.
But, atleat 10 more? What's the current record? Who is the current record holder? Last name?
I know that he will break the record but its impossible to tell when. Hes so inconsistent, he will win a bunch in a row and not make the cut on others.
He is inconsistent. Everytime I see him he isn't doing good. But every time I see a commercial or I hear about him, he's doing great. Although he isn't doing so good in the PGA. In my opinion atleast.
The current record holder is Jack Nicklaus, otherwise known as the Golden Bear. He has won a record 18 majors. He was an amazing golfer who should not be underrated because not too many people in this generation have seen him play.

I believe Tiger currently has won 10 majors and needs 9 more to become the record-holder. I think he will do it, he has enough time left to play the game to get nine more.
There is no question here.

You ask me he is going to hammer this out in six years. Two more this year, followed by one in 07-08, two in 08-09, 0 in 09-10., 2 in 10-11, and 2 in 11-12.

A little bold of a prediction, I know, but c'mon...he is the greatest golfer of all time. He'll get the record.

He is only 30 after all.

What do you guys think of the six years? Good estimate?
The only reason people think he is doing poorly is because they have incredible expectations of him. If no one knew his name before, think of how much attention he would get for being so damn good. People become complacent with greatness.
Who Tiger Woods?

I think you may have posted this in the wrong thread. Tiger Woods is not doing poorly this year by any means possible.
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