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TM KBS Black Shaft

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Good morning all, new guy here. I was wondering if anyone knew the inside diameter of the KBS black shafts that come in the Spider S putters. I need to add an extension but not sure which size to get. I looked on the KBS website but couldn't find anything on the putter shafts. Looks like all the iron shafts are 0.600 OD. Thanks for any help
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Unlikely we'll know BUT you could get an inexpensive set of calipers (manual for $5 or battery for $10) on amazon and measure it yourself to ensure it's right (y)
KBS Black putter shaft that comes with the Spider S putter has an outside diameter of 0.370 inches and an inside diameter of 0.335 inches. To add an extension, you will need to purchase a 0.370 inch extension that is compatible with the KBS Black putter shaft. It's important to note that adding an extension can affect the overall weight and balance of the putter, so it's recommended to have a professional club fitter or builder perform the installation to ensure proper club performance.
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