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Together for 30 Years

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I was just reading about golfer Ben Crenshaw and his caddie Carl jackson are in their 30th year of partnership. To me that is a good thing because it show the appreciation these two have for each other. I know often times caddies are overlooked and out of the spotlight, but they to are responsible for helping players staying on top of their game.
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I agree with you. Partnership really helps a lot. It is one of the factors that contributes to success. We only find few partnerships/friendships lasting and it takes 2 tough guys to be able to withstand the trials and difficulties that surround them.
I salute those who have loyal buddies to each other and wish more successes in the years to come! :)
true - caddies really don't get enough attention when they're practically part of the family for some big names...
I think it is a great thing when partners go for so long. The caddie really gets to know what the golfer can hit, and what he is comfortable with.
They make a killer team. They probably feed off each other makes tips, and expressing what they think about the current shot witch helps improve his game.
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