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tradition gives meaning and the old rules are more challenging and more fulfilling
I prefer to play them

1) play the course as you find it
2) play the ball where it lies
Also don’t ground a club in the bunker
And out of bound re-tee with a 2 stroke penalty

I never touch my ball or the course after teeing up until I take my ball out of the cup

I may be wrong and you can do whatever you like buts more rewarding for me

rule of golf don’t touch the anointed ones (that’s the usga and the pro’s)

So no offense to them but the usga (it’s innovations) Seem to me to exist to violate these two basic rules of golf? Who knows
For example: Preferred tees. Is thst play the course as you find it?
Marking and raising cleaning and aligning your ball. Or taking relief. Is that play the ball where it lies, maybe it’s just me and my old fashioned preferences, I don’t know

now I don’t include equipment, the modern equipment is much improved.

there is no right or wrong here only opinion and preferences

enjoy the game that’s the main thing
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