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Upgrade to Ping G10 driver?

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Hey all, my son who is 20 has decided to get into golf. I used to be a 5 handicap or so but quit playing regularly about 12 years ago due to family and work commitments. My clubs are: Bridgestone J33 irons, Ping G10 driver and TaylorMade Burner 3 wood.
I used to get 310-320 off the tee with the G10.

I’m giving my son the G10, TaylorMade 3 wood and a set of Ping i5 irons I had laying around as a starter set. Looking to add a driver and three wood to the J33s. Looking used, don’t want to spend a ton.

Any suggestions?
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Thanks for the reply! I ended up finding a Callaway Epic Flash driver today, 9 degree, stiff flex shaft used for $120. I bought it, polished up the head and put on a new grip. Looks great! I’m going to give my son the Ping G10 and put the Callaway in my bag.
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